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Description: What the bang! Chloe Lamour and her roomy have a lot in common already, with their dark-haired hair and gigantic plump bosoms, and now they're both clothed in the exact same outfit? This has Charlie Dean extremely confused. They're looking like lookalikes! Chloe has a solution, tearing her roomies top in half. These ladies don't have joy, but the games have just begun. Charlie catches Chloe showering and mistakes her for his girlfriend. He decides to surprise her with his big rigid cum-pump. It's a surprise alright and Chloe enjoys his stud manhood inside of her. Charlie realizes he's bamboozled himself yet he can't help but get more of Chloe's unbelievable cootchie. Charlie drizzles out the double barrel oil and they have a glide slidy great time. It's all cum and games... until they get caught.